MarketingProfs has published a new episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast ‘The Power of a Collaborative Content Strategy’ featuring Andy Crestodina.

George B. Thomas says, “Indeed, to hear content guru Andy Crestodina espouse the advantages of content collaboration is to hear the question go from “Why should I do this?” to “Why am I not doing this?”

Since the early days of the Web, he explains, content marketing has become incredibly competitive, and the perspective of a single writer giving a single point of view is no longer sufficient. Just like news reporting, content needs people, names, perspectives.

And they certainly don’t have to be celebrities. Just experts with experience will do. “All of these people wake up in the morning hoping to be interviewed,” Andy says. “People love being interviewed!”

You can also just ask a question on social media and see who engages. Chances are people will. Then you can move those conversations into email, develop them further, and create a piece of content out of it! You can even make friends in the process. Win-win!”

The Power of a Collaborative Content Strategy


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