According to HubSpot, A flash sale is a discount or promotion that is offered for a limited time only. The goal of a flash sale is to foster a sense of urgency amongst shoppers to take advantage of a deal before the time is up.

HubSpot contributor Caroline Forsey has published an article explaining flash sales in e-commerce.

She says, “Flash sales aren’t just limited to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though. An effectively implemented flash sale will massively boost sales, help clear out inventory, and bring additional customers to your site who may purchase non-sale items as well. To help you launch a successful flash sale, we’ve created a list of easy steps (and examples, too) to inspire your strategy.

How to Do a Flash Sale

1. Determine the goal of your sale.

A flash sale can accomplish many things besides just boosting sales and revenue. Do you want to clear out inventory to make room for next season’s products? Or perhaps you want to increase overall traffic to your site and generate hype over a new item? Understanding the goal of your flash sale is important when crafting your strategy, especially regarding the type of promotion or discount you want to offer.”

What is a Flash Sale in Ecommerce? 6 of Our Favorite Examples

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