Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad interactions that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

Search Engine Journal contributor Corey Morris has answered the question ‘What Is Conversion Rate & How Do You Calculate It?’ to help you calculate your conversion rate.

He says, “Conversion rate is a %.

In high-level terms, it tells you the % of how many people came to your site who took the conversion goal action you defined.

Some sources provide benchmarks for specific industries or areas to help you understand a good conversion rate and offer some objectivity.

I’m not telling you to copy your competitors, but I think if you want to value conversion rate, you need internal and external research to validate where you stand and where you want to be.

Match this up with your persona research, target audiences, marketing funnels, and customer journeys.”

What Is Conversion Rate & How Do You Calculate It?

Search Engine Journal

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