Lazy Commissions training and software
Tim Ikels is an experienced online marketer. That experience led him to create Lazy Commissions.

In the American phrase, Ikels “had been through the wringer.” He had tried every “miracle plan” for making money online and had found that there were no miracles in them.

At 11 AM, he is offering his own Lazy Commissions to keep you from going down the same path he did, wasting his time and his money. And he is giving it to you at no charge (that is, free.)

Lazy Commissions is a complete affiliate marketing training course that shows you how to get to $100/day with free, highly-targeted traffic. No hype; just the facts.

Ikels learned that affiliate marketing can be profitable and doesn’t take a lot of effort to do, some effort but not a lot. How he did it (and you can too) becomes clear in this no-charge training.

Why is he doing it? Probably, to get you onto his mailing list. Here’s the idea:

  1. You get his free training.

  2. You use it to start earning.

  3. You realize he is a knowledgeable trainer.

  4. When he offers you some information product for sale, you remember him and his kindness.

  5. You buy, the first of many purchases from him.

  6. You now are on his mailing list, and you’re also in his sales funnel.

Lazy Commissions is a free sample of his work. Don’t have to buy anything, but he thinks (or at least, hopes) you will.

Get the whole story here (and get your free training- with software): Lazy Commissions.

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