B2B marketing is the way businesses generate demand from other businesses for their products and services. It’s about selling to corporate customers rather than individuals and it requires different marketing tactics and strategies.

Digital Marketing Institute contributor Clodagh O’Brien has published ‘Your Guide to B2B Marketing Basics explaining b2b marketing.

He says, “There are four types of B2B markets based on the type of business involved and what each offers. These include:

1.Producers – These are companies that create something using your resources such as a restaurant, bakery, or tech solution provider. McDonald’s or Proctor and Gamble would be an example.

2.Resellers – This type of B2B company resells your product or service as it was created as a third-party provider. Examples include retailers and wholesalers like Walgreens or Target.

3.Government – This includes government agencies across the world that buy products and use them. Any national,  regional, or local government agency could fall under this type, such as Gov.uk.”

Your Guide to B2B Marketing Basics

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