Neil Napier just released EZLocal, a new product of interest to anyone whose clients are local businesses.

Use it to create Personalized Booking Pages for your own business and to sell booking services to your clients.

Grab your copy here before the price increases: EZLocal

Here is the rundown of what this new tool can do for yourself and your clients.

Q. How much time does one really need to create a personalized booking page?

EZLocal does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is simply drag-n-drop. That’s why it would only take you less than 2 minutes to create a personalized booking page/link.

Q. How can I share my personalized booking link?

You can easily share your SMART Booking Link (URL or QR Code) to accept bookings on social media, email, or any other platform.

Q. What Do You Mean When You Promise Lifetime Access?

The lifetime license in this case refers to the lifetime of EZLocal. This Personalized Booking Page creation app utilizes the most advanced technology. This app will continue to work as long as it is viable to provide the majority of these services without disruption.

Q. What is the monthly cost of EZLocal?

A. EZLocal breaks away from the monthly expensive subscription fee module. Unlike other platforms, it charges you a tiny one-time fee to benefit from forever. Plus you can legally sell Online Appointment Booking services to your clients.

Q. Is it beginner-friendly?

A. Yes, indeed. Nothing is simpler. It has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of both Expert and Beginner marketers.

Watch the power of EZLocal demonstrated here: EZLocal.

The process is simple:

First, simply drag-n-drop to quickly create a personalized booking page.

Second, share your SMART Booking Link (URL or QR Code) to accept bookings on social media, email, or any other platform.

Finally, you can accept online/offline payments from your customers for your bookings using PayPal, Stripe, or accept cash and credit card on your site using the built-in POS system.

To make you 100% comfortable and excited to try EZLocal, Napier and his team have included a Full 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee in this offer. That means you will get every penny back in case you don’t like EZLocal. (No Questions Asked.)

Try it out completely Risk-Free for 14 days to generate leads & sales using Smart Booking Links you can share on social media, email, or any other platform.

Just set up your EZLocal account in your browser within seconds and you are good to go.

Grab the deal with a collection of valuable bonuses here: EZLocal.

But hurry; the price is increasing every hour.

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