SEO is one of the most important processes you need to master to get higher Google search rankings. contributor Brian Harnish has published an article highlighting some outdated SEO techniques you should stop using.

He says, “Most SEO professionals begin their SEO campaign with keyword research. But, this is a place where things can go wrong quickly. If you get too deep into the weeds, and don’t figure out where you went wrong in the beginning quick enough, you can easily derail your keyword research.

This is especially true if you are not focusing on topics and instead focusing on just keywords.

Another mistake is using irrelevant keyword targeting, which can also lead to confusion on the part of search engines.

It’s possible that the SEO may shape their content focus around keywords which it may not be properly aligned with.

They may also not be focusing on the right user intent for the SERP that is being targeted by these efforts.

For example, they may be writing a buyer intent article for a SERP where informational intent is a majority. Or, they may be writing an informational intent article for a SERP where the buyer intent is a majority.”

Outdated SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using

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