Does your company or brand create and publish videos on YouTube, but you’re having trouble converting them into sales? Or do you feel you could be doing more to grow your views, subscribers, and audience?

Watch Content Marketing Institute’s video ‘Creating a Sales Strategy for YouTube’ to make more sales on YouTube.

Content Marketing Institute

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Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Hashtags

YouTube hashtags are keywords preceded by the # symbol. The hashtags are clickable and allow users to easily find related videos sharing the same hashtag. HubSpot contributor Erica Santiago has published an article explaining YouTube hashtags. She says, “YouTube hashtags are a simple but effective way to bring more attention to your videos and boost […]

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YouTube Updates: Analytics, Shorts, Tools, and More, August 20 [YouTube Live]

Social Media Examiner is hosting a YouTube Livestream on ‘YouTube Updates: Analytics, Shorts, Tools, and More’ on Saturday, August 20, 2022. Watch this Livestream to explore YouTube changes with Social Media Examiner featuring Jerry Potter with Jessica Stansberry. Social Media Examiner Sharing is caring

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Five Ways to Improve YouTube Marketing

Video content creation and marketing is a creative job that requires consistent efforts. Quality video content can help you boost your business growth. Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has published an article featuring five YouTube video content marketing improvement tips. She says, “How’s that for a headline that promises … not much? Here’s the […]

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HubSpot Shares YouTube Demographics & Data for 2022

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is one of the valuable platforms for businesses and marketers. HubSpot contributor Flori Needle has published an article featuring YouTube demographics, data, and generational patterns for 2022. She says, “Below, we’ll go over the most critical YouTube statistics that show marketers how global audiences are using the platform. […]

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