Video content creation and marketing is a creative job that requires consistent efforts. Quality video content can help you boost your business growth.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has published an article featuring five YouTube video content marketing improvement tips.

She says, “How’s that for a headline that promises … not much? Here’s the truth: There’s no magic formula for success. Not on YouTube, not on social media, not on your blog.

Tell a great story

A great story is the closest thing to a magic formula for video success, Tim says.

If only crafting one was as easy as it sounds.

But Tim offered a place to look for guidance: the tried-and-true hero’s journey. You know that archetype – the hero sets out on an adventure, overcomes multiple challenges, and learns something along the way that transforms their life. It’s a model that Tim says produces “a really good story that has been proven to hook someone’s attention, hold their attention, and then get them to take some sort of action.”

When I heard Tim’s advice, I immediately thought of The Mirnavator, a gem of a video from REI.”

Try These 5 YouTube Video Tips and Watch Your Results Improve (or Not)

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