ContentSparks Summer White Label SaleThe Content Sparks Summer White Label Sale is underway. Take advantage to build your reputation of expertise.

One of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your audience is to offer them a short-term experience in which they can get to know you and what you can do for them.

There is an experience, known as a “Challenge”, that is ideally suited for this “getting to know you” experience.

In a challenge, you send a structured set of daily emails to the people who sign up to participate. Each email has a task they are to complete that day.

The sequence of tasks is intended to lead the student into a new level of understanding and experience in a particular area.

Those who participate have experienced your teaching and organization skills. They are ideal candidates to buy additional training from you on the subject of the challenge.

If you want to build an audience of targeted leads who are eager to buy from you, check oiut the 13 challenge kits in the Content Sparks Summer White Label Sale.

These ready-to-go Challenge Kits give you the content you need to attract your ideal customers: those interested in a specific topic.

The 13 topics are:
➤ How to Run 5-Day Challenges
➤ Streamline Your Business with Templates
➤ Build an Audience of Buyers Using Social Media
➤ Keep Your Customers for Life
➤ Fast Cash Strategies
➤ Start Your Own Freelance Business
➤ Live Video Marketing
➤ Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
➤ Easy Passive Income
➤ Turn Prospects to Paying Clients
➤ Attract Free Publicity
➤ Create a Social Media Plan
➤ Host a Virtual Summit

But that’s not all you will find in the Content Sparks Summer White Label Sale.

For each of these topics, there is also a White Label Course that you can teach.

You can use these White Label Courses to quickly create a powerful online course (or live workshop) that your challenge participants will want to enroll in.

The result of this two-part educational offer should be bigger, a more-engaged audience of hot leads that leads to more sales.

Each 5-Day Challenge Kit includes:

■ Daily emails and worksheets (so your participants successfully complete your challenge)
■ Slides (to help you deliver livestreams or webinars)
■ Pre-written sales copy (to help you set up a high-converting funnel for your challenge)

The White Label Course Kits include:

■ Student Materials (Course Book, Cheat Sheet, Action Guide, and more)
■ Instructor Materials (Slideshow, Speaking Notes, Implementation Guide, and more)
■ Lead Generation Materials (Lead Magnet report, Follow-up Emails, Blog Posts, and more)

And during this sale, you’ll get 60% Off everything, both the challenge kits and the courses.

You can get these sale-priced kits and courses here: Content Sparks Summer White Label Sale.

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