Blogging Wizard contributor Adam Connell has published an article featuring 98 important SEO statistics for 2022 with a focus on market share, trends, and more.

He says, “The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is constantly evolving. If you want to keep ranking and driving traffic through organic search, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

And for that, you need data.

In this roundup of SEO statistics, we’ll be exploring the current state of SEO and sharing data-driven insights about:

  • The most important SEO ranking factors
  • Emerging SEO trends and challenges
  • The SaaS tools that dominate the SEO industry
  • Industry benchmarks (CTRs, ROI, etc.)
  • Link-building, voice search, and other important branches of SEO
  • Plus lots more!”

98 Important SEO Statistics For 2022

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