Written communication plays a pivotal role in your marketing and overall business success. It helps you make things clear and compelling.

Copyblogger contributor Stefanie Flexman has shared seven overlooked steps to be a better writer at work.

She says, “Relationship-building of any kind involves “know, like, and trust,” so how people perceive you could be thought of as a relationship-building, and ultimately career-building, skill.

The right blend of SaaS piques the interest of those strangers and guides them to hire you.

But wait, there’s more.

SaaS also enables smooth professional relationships over time, which means more opportunities for you as a creative writer at work.

Here are seven SaaS steps that help you establish a winning reputation.

SaaS Step #1: Leave it at the virtual door

Put simply, don’t bring personal situations that are bothering you to work.

Before you open your mouth about what happened to you over the weekend, or that morning, remember that everyone else is dealing with their own issues.”

7 Often Overlooked Steps to Be a Better Writer at Work


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