A thank you page is the page that appears after someone has completed an action.

Thank you pages help you create new business opportunities. With quick loading and well-designed thank you page, you can win many more customers.

AWeber contributor Pam Neely has shared 10 great thank you page examples and ways to create your own.

She says, “You can do a ton of interesting things with thank you pages – as you’re about to find out!

10 ideas for thank you pages that rock with examples

Let’s work from the basics to the fancy stuff, with thank you page examples sprinkled in along the way.

1. Ask people to confirm their email address

Using “confirmed opt-in,” also known as “double opt-in” is an email marketing best practice. It does require subscribers to take an extra step to double-confirm that they want to get emails from you, but email lists that use confirmed opt-in get much higher opens, clicks, and sales. (There’s a reason why it’s a best practice!)

Here’s what the sequence of onboarding emails looks like for confirmed opt-in versus regular opt-in.”

10 great thank you page examples – and how to create your own


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