B2B content marketing is all about using different content formats (video, audio, text, or other formats) to promote your product or service online to different businesses.

ReadWrite contributor Irina Weber has published an article featuring eight b2b content marketing practices that work.

She says, “B2B content marketing success lies in having a solid strategy, and it will prevent you from making one of the biggest content marketing mistakes to work blind. It is crucial to get your direction, prove the investment, and develop an effective action plan.

Here are some valuable things to consider for your B2B content marketing strategy:

1. Know Your Customers

Identifying your ideal client is the first step you should follow for the right strategy. Once you build a detailed picture of your customer profile, it will help you better understand what content needs to meet their expectations.

While collecting data, pay attention to the details. Learn more about their motivations, buying preferences, what they value in a brand, kind of communications, and more. For B2B marketing, you can define such buyer personas for your target companies.”

8 B2B Content Marketing Practices that Work


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