With well-designed Google ads, you can take your online holiday sales to a new level. Its time to start working on it.

Practical Ecommerce contributor Matthew Umbro has shared five steps to prepare Google ads for 2022 holidays.

He says, “We’re halfway into 2022. Now is the time to prepare Google Ads accounts for the upcoming holidays. In this post, I’ll list five steps to generate better results while streamlining management during the busy period.

Set Up Enhanced Conversions

The benefits of Enhanced Conversions are mainly to track conversions when cookies are restricted. By adjusting the global site tag or Google Tag Manager, you can send hashed tracking data (such as email addresses) to Google. In my experience, advertisers generally see an increase in conversions when implementing EC.

EC’s impact typically takes 30 days. It affects various Google networks, including Display, and helps assess the worth of Display and Video efforts. The sooner you set up EC, the quicker you overcome reduced cookies and generate more sales.”

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