Clear headlines help you capture the attention of your target audience. They should reflect the content that you have crafted in your respective articles.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared seven steps to creating powerful headlines.

She says, “With so much riding on the headlines, coming up with the perfect sentence to appear above the article can be challenging. Here is a seven-point checklist to help you create effective headlines every time:

1. Identify your brand’s purpose(s) for the content

In content marketing, every piece of content serves a purpose for your company. The content may exist to:

  • Increase brand visibility (and clicks) on search engine results pages
  • Improve SEO for targeted keywords
  • Entice someone to open an email
  • Get someone to click on it in an e-newsletter
  • Encourage a website visitor to read further

If you have more than one reason, that’s OK. Pick the most important one, then craft the headline (and URL) around it. And, if your process allows you to use different headlines for secondary and tertiary purposes, write those, too.”

How To Create a Powerful Headline in 7 Simple Steps

Content Marketing Institute

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