Topics is Google’s proposed privacy-friendly replacement for third-party cookies. It’s a browser-based system that assigns a user a set of interests according to the websites they have visited.

Merkle contributor Grant Nych has published an article explaining what Google Topics means for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO).

He says, “With Google Topics, DCO remains just as powerful a tool as before. The goal of DCO is to combine media and creative in a way that maximizes performance and scale to reduce production costs and timelines, and Topics enables marketers to continue doing that.

In the past, DCO used both first- and third-party data to target individuals across the web, serving ads based on site, search, and purchase behaviors. Now, the third-party data component is removed, but advertisers can still build a strong connection with the consumer. While Topics might remove 1:1 personalization, it still allows the brand to understand the user as a human. Topics offers 348 audience segments, more than two times the 123 affinity/interest segments within the DV360 buying platform, giving advertisers a greater ability to target granularly.”

What Google Topics Means for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)


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