We had scheduled an ad for APPsy a new tool for building mobile apps, today. But we decided against it after using the software ourselves. Our opinion is that it needs more refinement before it will be useful for most of our readers.

If, after reading this review, you think you have enough tech skills to handle the deficiencies we point out, you can buy this new tool here: APPsy.

This tool makes an app (both iOS and Android are possible) from a website. As a test, we built an app for IM NewsWatch.

We have experimented with APPsy. It seems to build apps quickly and easily, as advertised, but we cannot actually verify that it does so because the instructions don’t tell how to distribute the apps you build and how the users of the apps install them on their mobile device. So we can’t see if the app we built actually works for the users who download it.

There are two problems we experienced. first, the instructions are minimal. We could follow some of them, but others were useless for us. The main problem is that they have no text instructions and the critical instructional videos are very short and have no narration.

At least for us, this made the product unusable, even though we think we built an app; maybe a very good app. We just can’t deploy it.

Second, at least one feature of the tool doesn’t actually seem to exist. The sales page says, “Choose from over 30 beautiful template designs”, but on the app builder screen there is no way choose a template. It’s like what Henry Ford used to say, “You can have your car in any color you want, as long as it’s black.” You app will be in the singular format that is offered.

Here is the screen where you build apps. There’s no way to select a template, as you see.
APPsy User Interface

We have raised these issues with the developers. Maybe they will resolve them, and we can then promote this tool.

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