The landing page of a website (sometimes called a squeeze page) is the page where new visitors access your website when they arrive from clicking on a link in a search engine results page.

Typically, you want the page to accomplish two things:
• Indicate your capabilities for helping visitors by looking professional and offering something of value to the visitor.
• Gather contact information from the visitor. The goal of the offer you make is that it is valuable enough that visitors are willing to give their contact information to get it.

There is a science to creating a landing page. If the visitor doesn’t get the sense that you are trustworthy and expert, they won’t take the risk of trusting you with the contact information.

If your offered incentive doesn’t solve a real problem for them, they won’t think it’s worth the risk to give you their contact information.

We recently read a thread of tweets by Marc Thomas )@iammarcthomas) describing a thorough, systematic way to create a landing page that gets high-quality results. He gives an example of when this approach resulted in twice the opt-ins that the page it replaced had.

As Thomas says,

Most SaaS marketers make landing pages by opening up Google Docs, writing a draft and then passing it to a designer.

But this is a huge missed opportunity that leads to poor conversion…

Thomas, as you might suspect from his quote, works with SaaS software developers, helping them to improve their search marketing, a case when a good landing page is critical. The same principles that improve a software company’s landing page will also improve yours, whatever your niche.

You can read his thread of tweets here.

Marc Thomas’s process for creating high converting landing pages

Marc Thpmas’s tweet stream

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