By installing Google Analytics on your site, you can track how well you are bringing potential clients to the site and your success in converting users into clients.

Forbes contributor Peter Boyd has published an article on using Google Analytics to track your SEO efforts.

He says, “It is important to keep track of analytic data from your website on a regular basis. Many of the law firms I’ve worked with chart their progress monthly in areas such as the number of newsletter sign-ups, bounce rate (i.e., how quickly a user left the site) and most-viewed blog posts. The precise metrics your firm chooses to track will vary depending on the features on your website and the aim of your marketing strategies.

If you choose to work with a legal marketing company, they should be supplying analytic data regularly and helping you review results to determine how to adjust your strategies. For instance, if blogs on a particular topic are receiving more views than average, you may want to develop a practice area page for the website based on that topic and market more heavily in that area. If you have a high bounce rate or low overall traffic numbers, that indicates you might need a new overall approach to bring high-quality traffic to your site.”

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