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Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has shared 14 Instagram post ideas for business.

She says, “In this article, you’ll discover 14 ideas you can put to work today to grow your audience and sales with Instagram.

#1: Break Up Long Educational Posts With Carousels

Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing information in small, easy-to-process amounts. First, think about the message you want to deliver to your audience. Maybe you want to show how you source materials or perhaps you want to drive home the benefits of a key ingredient in all of your products.

Then break your message into short snippets that fit on an image or in a video frame.

Instagram carousels work well for this type of post because they hook readers with an introductory image and keep them swiping with up to nine additional images or videos. The Instagram algorithm can place as many as two different posts from a carousel in followers’ feeds, increasing impressions and opportunities for engagement.”

14 Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Social Media Examiner

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