Content pillars are an essential part of a brand’s content strategy and they serve a fundamental purpose: they provide a comprehensive, authoritative exploration of a topic that a reader can get everything they need on that subject in one place.

Semrush contributor Margarita Loktionova has published ‘Building High-Performing Content Pillars: Your Ultimate Guide’ to help you improve content marketing.

She says, “We’ll dive into some prime examples of pillar content from the web that successfully incorporate cluster content into their framework. But first, we must understand how pillar pages work in order to leverage them effectively. Let’s get started.

What Are Content Pillars? What Is a Pillar Content Strategy?

Pillar pages provide a substantive amount of information that can be divided into numerous formats such as ultimate guides, longreads, hub pages, and more. For digital marketers, it is an opportunity to create a better user experience and be rewarded by search engines with high-level, authoritative content.

Think of it as a destination that provides all the key information, in-depth, enough data to refer back to, a guide, a mini-encyclopedia, a “101” guide, if you will.”

Building High-Performing Content Pillars: Your Ultimate Guide


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