Today, marketing starts with the selection of the right technology and platforms that help you reach the desired audience and promote your products.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Aaron Marks has shared five useful insights into tech marketing.

He says, “Gartner recently released interesting an analysis on effective tech marketing. What do the findings mean for entrepreneurs and small business leaders?

Here’s a look at what entrepreneurs can learn from this report.

1. Email is still king

Every year, you hear plenty of people predicting the death of email. Well, email marketing continues to shine — in fact, it was the single best performing channel in 2021. If you’ve scaled back on email, or it just hasn’t been a priority for your business, now’s the time to start investing.

2. But, you need to think beyond email blasts and newsletters

Gartner notes that respondents mentioned challenges “in aligning their email strategy with the right messaging.” This is why you need to create more sophisticated nurture campaigns (also known as “drip emails“) that are closely aligned to the problems and challenges your customers experience — and how you uniquely solve them.”

Email Is Still King (and 4 Other Big Insights Into Effective Tech Marketing)


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