Heart Disease - Premium ContentDr. Loy Puckett (a.k.a. Doctor Loy), an emergency room physician, has just released Heart Disease – Premium Content.

Doctor Loy has released several PLR packages during the last year on various medical topics, written using his certified medical training so that non-specialists can create authoritative personal health and family health websites with information that is both factual and backed by a medical authority.

If you want to participate in the popular health niche, Doctor Loy can be your best ally.

His newest package on heart disease addresses a major concern of many people around the world. For example, Heart Disease affected over 126 million adults in the US, alone, between the years 2015 to 2018, and the numbers are growing yearly. Worldwide, the number is over twice as great.

A lot of people are interested in knowing more. You could create a very engaging site using Doctor Loy’s content. You could place ads on your site promoting books and OTC medicines related to heart health. Drive traffic to the site and reap the benefits of the commissions you earn.

If you prefer, you could turn this content into an e-book that you sell. Or you could hire an announcer to create videos with the content (but, probably a better idea would be to buy Doctor Loy’s upgrade, a set of videos with the content. That upgrade would save you a substantial amount.)

Here’s what one happy marketer says about Doctor Loy’s PLR:

“Doctor Loy’s written medical content is unique in two ways. First, the information he provides is based on his medical training and 25 years of experience as a practicing ER doctor – Not a bunch of research done by a non-medical writer that may or may not be factual. Second, he writes the content in such a way that non-medical readers can easily understand it. Nobody else currently provides PLR content in this way.

As a health and fitness writer, I automatically buy Doctor Loy’s content as he releases it because I know it will be great and factual information that I can use … unlike much of the other so-called written “medical content” out there.”

Ron Kness


The investment for this PLR starts low, but as the launch week proceeds, the cost rises.

And, to make it easy to implement this on your affiliate site, Doctor Loy is including a complete list of the hottest health affiliate programs.

This is an up-to-date list that you won’t find elsewhere making this an even more useful offer.

This list can save you hours of time searching for health affiliate programs that fit with his medical content.

So don’t delay, get your copy now: Heart Disease – Premium Content.

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