Small Business SEO Master ClassContentSparks has just released their latest white label course, Small Business SEO Master Class.

The foundation principle behind the course is that all online marketers need help from search engines to bring traffic to their sites. To get the most help, a site needs to be optimized for search engines – hence, the term “Search Engine Optimization” (or “SEO”).

SEO means that you set up your site according to the patterns and structures that search engines find easy to understand and are reflective of good content, easy for human visitors to navigate and use.

Marketers who take the time to apply some simple SEO tactics to their sites reap all the benefits of ranking on the front page of Google, including:

✓ More traffic to their most important pages

✓ Visitors who are the best fit for their products and services

✓ Higher conversion rates and

✓ Continuous revenue growth.

Small Business SEO Master Class is a complete course, suitable for your own learning and, if you want an income stream from as a subject matter expert, also ready to launch and sell.

This course is all about how to use SEO to get your website pages ranked as high as possible on Google.

And what website owner or content creator in their right mind wouldn’t want that? If you want to become a seminar/ webinar leader on SEO, you should have a large potential audience.

If you recognize the power of SEO, head straight here to get the details about ContentSparks’s newest release: Small Business SEO Master Class.

By teaching your students the skills to get to the front page of Google, they’ll have a priceless marketing tool to ensure their content is seen.

The course materials you receive in this white label course kit include everything you need to learn for yourself, to teach your class, and to attract students to your class:
➤ Lead Generation Materials to Attract Students
➤ Instructor Materials to Teach Your Course
➤ Student Materials – to Learn & Take Action

Through the 11th of May, this course is on sale for 67% off the normal investment.

Click here to learn more and get started: : Small Business SEO Master Class.

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