On July 1st, 2018, Google released a new [Version 68] of Chrome and, in the process, created a sizable marketing opportunity for you. Cloud Defender helps you grab that opportunity.

Ever since then, all HTTP URLs are now displayed as “Not Secure”. Consequently, HTTPS (indicating your site has a Secure Socket Layer [SSL]) now is required for good SERP ratings and for customer perceptions of legitimacy.

If you don’t have your website set up as an SSL site (for example, https://IMNewsWatch.com), you will be losing visitors, commissions, and customers. Many times when a person sees the “Not Secure” warning in the address bar, they exit your site immediately.

Since you are internet-savvy, your site may already be SSL-protected and not need Cloud Defender, but if you need it, now is your chance, because Matt Garrett, the creator, has just released version 4.

On the other hand, many local business websites were set up years ago and aren’t run by internet-savvy marketers so they don’t have the SSL code installed on the site.

You can offer them a solution, a service that provides them protection without having to invest in expensive SSL certificates and without needing to be some kind of ultra tech expert.

It’s actually quick and free to solve this problem if you know how. You can solve it for your own site, if needed, and for client sites with only a few minutes’ work per site.

Cloud Defender is a simple-to-follow video training course that guides you through the process in simple steps.

They’ve even included a client checklist to help you in providing the service to your customers.

And it’s pretty easy to find clients that need it: simply check for the HTTPS version of their website to see if it comes up. If not, then they need this and they need it now. They are losing sales until it is corrected.

This was first released in 2016 and has been enhanced over and over. This is version 4, which has just been released.

Click here to take a look for yourself while it’s on the launch discount offer: Cloud Defender.

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