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Friday, June 21, 2024

How To Build An Email List Fast [Video]

To achieve email marketing success, you need a list that helps you reach out and target a large audience. HubSpot has published a new video ‘8 Expert Tips To Build An Email List Fast’ to help you build an email list. The HubSpot team says, “An email list is one of the most important assets an online marketer can have. In this video, you will learn eight tips on how to build an email list that will help you grow your business.” HubSpot  [...]

Step-by-Step Guide to Create the Content Your Team Needs [Guide]

Content creation is a dynamic process. It requires a combination of creativity, consistency, and persuasive skills. IMPACT’s John Becker has published a step-by-step guide to creating the content your team needs. It covers nine steps of content marketing production. He says, “The content creation process is pretty simple. It’s a linear progression that moves from initial idea generation to final publication and promotion. If things are firing on all cylinders and you’ve got a high-need piece of content, it’s possible to get that piece through all the stages, from brainstorm to... [...]

Google Autocomplete [SEO Guide]

Google Autocomplete feature can be used wisely to improve your SEO performance. It can be a part of your keyword and topic research processes. Search Engine Journal has published ‘Google Autocomplete: A Complete SEO Guide’ to help you use the Google Autocomplete for SEO. Sam Hollingsworth says, “Google Autocomplete is a controversial but powerful search feature. When you type a word, or even a letter, into Google, it populates a list of search suggestions. That’s what autocomplete is. Best Ways to Use Google Autocomplete 1. Keyword Research It’s a long, tedious, and laborious... [...]

LocalCentric: Start A Successful Brand Management Agency #ad

LocalCentric is a new AI-powered app for local marketing agencies that lets you offer a service that monitors business reviews for your clients and responds hands-free, saving them time and making sure the negative reviews don’t go unnoticed. The end result is that their online reputation improves, and that gives them more leads, more sales, and more profits. This is a business you can get into even if you have never had an online business before. The software is the heart of your business and automates most of it. ➤ Find laser-targeted leads looking for brand services and online reputation... [...]

Professional’s Guide to SEO

MOZ contributor Felicia Crawford has published ‘The Professional’s Guide to SEO: Link Building Sneak Preview’. She says, “Dive in for a glimpse at our newest guide, and as always, give us a shout on Twitter if you have any thoughts or recommendations — we love hearing from you! Link Building & Link Earning Tactics Measuring link building In this section, we explore approaches to measuring links and understanding which ones may make the biggest difference to traffic and rankings, along with business outcomes such as revenue. Once your link building strategy is set and... [...]

Complete Guide to Creating a High Impact SEO Strategy [Guide & Checklist]

Limor Barenholtz, SEO Director at Similarweb has published the ‘Complete Guide to Creating a High Impact SEO Strategy’. This guide covers the following: * What is an SEO strategy? * Why is it important to set a clear SEO strategy? * 8 Steps to build an effective SEO strategy 1. Keyword research 2. Benchmark your current SEO performance vs. competitors 3. Site SEO audit 4. Build a solid SEO plan 5. Link building plan 6. Craft new compelling content 7. On-site SEO. Complete Guide to Creating a High Impact SEO Strategy Similarweb  [...]

SEO Strategy: A Full Year Blueprint [E-book]

Search Engine Journal has published a new e-book ‘SEO Strategy: A Full Year Blueprint’ featuring a 12-month plan broken down monthly to help strategize campaigns for you or your clients. The SEJ team says, “With this ebook, you will receive month-by-month guidance on how to improve website rankings and get ahead of your competitors. Month 1 — Onboarding Month 2 — Reporting, audits, and implementation Month 3 — Pillar content keyword research and content calendar Up to Month 12. Included is an editable 12-Month SEO Plan Template outlining the timing and tasks you need... [...]

SEO Tips For Beginners

HubSpot has published a new video tutorial ‘SEO Tips For Beginners | Rank #1 on Google in 2022’ to share some useful tactics to improve your Google search rankings. The HubSpot team says, “In this video we’re discussing SEO tips for beginners that will help you rank #1 on Google! SEO does not have to be intimidating or difficult if you are a beginner and want to learn how to optimize content yourself. We’re sharing tips and tools that you can start using today to set your business up for success.” HubSpot  [...]

Are HTML Lists A Google Ranking Factor? [Answered]

When it comes to achieving high search engine rankings, you need to consider several factors that play important role in it. Search Engine Journal contributor Miranda Miller has answered this important question dealing with the Google ranking factor: Are HTML Lists A Google Ranking Factor? She says, “In order for HTML lists to be a direct ranking factor, adding them to your page and how you use them would have to be weighted within the Google search ranking algorithm. A 2010 Google patent analyzed by Bill Slawski shortly after its release indicates that (at least, at that time) Google used... [...]

Six Steps to Create a Strong PPC Marketing Plan

Well-thought planning can help you to achieve success in marketing. Without a plan, you’ll likely waste time and money on campaigns that don’t reach their full potential or that let you achieve goals that are not relevant to your business. PPC Hero contributor Jordan Bishop has shared six steps to help you craft the perfect PPC marketing plan. He says, “In this blog post, we’ll explore the steps of creating a successful PPC marketing plan. We’ll start with defining and understanding your business’s current competitive situation, so you know where you’re at. We’ll then cover... [...]

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