In the marketing profession, we know that staying on top of the latest trends is key to helping our company stand out. However, constantly churning out new content that only remains relevant for a short time is time-consuming and expensive, and for most marketers, it is not sustainable.

It’s essential to have a strategy for content that will last, content that will stay fresh and relevant no matter what month or year it is. The constant chaos of keeping up with new trends can be eased by implementing a strategy for content that requires little to no effort and can, nevertheless, stand the test of time.

It’s all about balancing the new and trendy with reliability and continuity. This type of stable content that you can always rely on and fall back on is known as evergreen marketing.

What is Evergreen Marketing?

Evergreen marketing, as the name implies, uses content that is always fresh and usable—it’s ever-green, like the evergreen pine trees that remain year after year. This type of marketing content is meant to last beyond the latest trends, topics, and interests. It is content that you can always rely on to get you through, so you don’t always have to be churning out something new and original.

Like evergreen pine trees, not only does this type of marketing last, but it requires little maintenance. You don’t have to put any effort into it once it’s already established. It’s something you can use time and time again without needing to give it an update.

Why Your Business Needs Evergreen Marketing

Evergreen marketing is essential for businesses that want to experience continual growth and success because it will continually help you meet your growth targets year after year. Think of it as a piece of jewelry or a watch that is a timeless classic. Every time you wear it, it looks good, and you continually receive compliments.

This is how evergreen marketing works and why it’s essential. It’s not sustainable for you to always, and frequently, create something new. Don’t give up the new altogether. Marketing content that is original and trendy is still a vital part of appealing to new consumers and their evolving wants and needs, but it’s important to balance that with evergreen content. You need marketing content for the in-between times to hold you over to give you and your team time to refresh, reenergize, and develop something new.

How Evergreen Marketing Can Help You Get Through Business Disruptions

When disaster strikes or your business suffers some sort of loss or disruption, having plans to keep business rolling is critical. Evergreen content can be a vital part of these plans. Now more than ever, marketers are realizing the importance of having an emergency plan in case something happens, like the current pandemic, which has caused many of us to be unable to work for a week or more.

Preparing for dangers and disasters should not only include formulating disaster strategies and sharing them with your team; it should also include ensuring you have published evergreen content to fall back on, content that still brings in traffic to your website, and having it ready to go when the need arises.

If you suffer a business disruption, whether it’s from a disaster or because someone on your team gets hurt and is out of the office for an extended period, evergreen content can help you keep things running smoothly. When times are hard, you’re not going to be able to create new and trendy content, so you’ll need evergreen content to hold you over until business is back to normal.

What Areas of Marketing Can Be Evergreen?

There are many ways you can use evergreen marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy. Nearly every aspect of marketing can be made evergreen, including:

Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is essentially made up of the values that your company stands on. It’s who you are as a business, what you represent, and what you care about. When developing a brand identity, it’s important to choose core values that will stand the test of time.

Your brand identity is not something that should always be in flux. If your values constantly change, your customers may get confused or feel that you aren’t authentic or trustworthy. Clients want businesses they can rely on with predictable processes built on steadfast values. So your brand identity should be evergreen, something that holds true for years and is not always changing.

Your Website

If you are like most marketers these days, your website is the primary point of contact between you and your customers or clients. Think of it as a home base. Like your brand identity, your website should convey a certain image that represents what you stand for, your brand. If it’s always changing, it can confuse your customers and make you seem inconsistent. Not to mention, a complete website redesign takes time and effort. So you want evergreen designs and content that stay relevant over time to avoid always having to make changes.

Your Social Media and Email Content

While social media content that is new, exciting, and trendy is essential, it can be exhausting and unsustainable to always create and post something new.

Email campaigns, too, do not always need to be trendy. You need a balance of things that are seasonal and trendy with things that are consistent and reliable. For example, in IM NewsWatch‘s niche, List building is an evergreen topic. Even before online marketing, marketers wanted to build their mailing lists. An article on this topic will always find a readership – it’s evergreen. Facebook Ads is another example.

Evergreen marketing allows you to post content that you created earlier (and held for a rainy day) and is content you know works, while you focus on developing new content for hot topics such as Instagram Carousel Posts, Improving TikTok Marketing, etc.

How to Develop Evergreen Marketing

When planning and developing evergreen content, you need a strategy just as you would with any other marketing content. Think about your audience and what their needs are. Customer behaviors are always changing, but at the same time, there are things that people always fall back on. Some wants and needs stay the same no matter what the season is or what the current trends are. These constant needs and wants are what you will target in your evergreen content.

To determine these behaviors and needs that are consistent, you need to have a quality data strategy. Data Analytics based on previous customer interactions with your website can help you discover new patterns and trends in visitor behaviors, but it can also help you identify the patterns that stay the same. This is how you can determine what will work best for your evergreen content and what you can use for special content and unique campaigns at other times throughout the year.


Seasonal content and trendy content are vital parts of your successful marketing strategy; however, they should not be the only parts. You must develop evergreen content for those times when you can’t be working on something new. This is the type of content that will remain timeless and reliable year after year, consistently bringing in traffic.

Trendy content is for bringing in new site visitors and boosting sales, whereas evergreen content is for maintaining sales, come what may, which is an essential part of building a successful and sustainable business.

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