With audience segmentation, you get to learn about your target audience. The more you know about your visitors, the better chance you have at turning them into customers.

Business 2 Community contributor Jared Atchison has published an article highlighting three steps to segment your audience in 2022.

He says, “One of the best ways to build rapport with your audience and secure more sales is with customer segmentation. Essentially, segmenting is the process of dividing existing customers and qualified leads based on their unique interests, goals, and pain points.

Segmenting is also an excellent way to gather customer feedback and create a better user experience for all of your visitors. If you take the time to divide your leads, you can find ways to fine-tune your marketing and design for each subset of customers, which will likely result in improved customer satisfaction.

Now that you can see the benefits of segmenting your leads and customers, let’s go over a few ways to segment your audience in 2022.

Send Email Surveys

Just because someone already signed up for your email list, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out what kind of content and offers they want to receive in the future. I’ve found that email surveys are a powerful way to encourage engagement and learn more about your customers.”

How to Segment Your Audience in 2022 (And Why You Should!)

Business 2 Community

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