Reminding your customers to complete the sales process is surely a good idea. Surely, you should make sure that the reminders are not overdone.

AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has shared nine tips to win back lost sales with abandoned cart emails.

He says, “Writing a powerful reminder means following best practices for abandoned cart emails. Here are crucial steps you should follow to get the most out of your reminder emails.

1 – Trigger the email within 24 hours 

Statistics have shown that sooner is more effective than later when it comes to reminder emails.

You want to catch your leads while they are still warm without being obnoxious.

Conversion rates for neglected carts are highest when the email is sent out 30-60 minutes after inactivity. However, those rates plummeted after 24 hours—when the lead had grown cold.”

9 Tips to Win Back Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails


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