Search intent refers to Internet users’ purpose of a specific online search. Common types of Search Intent include informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional.

BrightEdge contributor Millie Reinhardsen has published an article explaining Keyword Search Intent.

She says, “Pages that gain the most visibility and attract the most site visitors for a specific keyword in specific context begin to earn authority for that keyword (i.e., it is understood by search engines to be the most relevant and authoritative result for that keyword in that context), and will garner a top spot on the search engine results page.

The 4 Types of Search Intent

There are 4 common types of search intent:

1. Informational Search Intent: this is when a user is looking for information, such as definitions and explanations. The results for these search intents are usually How-To, What, and Why types of evergreen content (e.g., Wikipedia pages, blog posts, and instructional videos).

Examples: “what is tomato sauce?,” “types of beer,” “history of Spain”

2. Navigational Search Intent: users with this search intent want to go to a specific place, such as a site or a physical location, or even a specific spot on a webpage”.

What is Keyword Search Intent?

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