Influencer marketing helps you to work with influencers to reach your target audience to boost conversions.

HubSpot contributor Kristen Baker has published an in-depth article on influencer marketing in 2022.

She says, “Influencer marketing is an investment — to get it right, you have to devote time to ensure you find the right influencer to promote content that appeals to your target audience.

You also have to spend money and/ or resources to reward the influencer, run various campaigns with the influencer, and more depending on your specific marketing goals.

Here are some statistics to help you understand the lay of the land.

  • In 2021, roughly 58% of marketers said influencer marketing was the most effective marketing trend, ahead of SEO, experiential marketing, and short-form video content. (HubSpot Blog Research)
  • 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say it works just as well (if not better) than other marketing channels.
  • In 2022, 86% of marketers plan to continue investing the same amount or increase their investment in influencer marketing.”

What Will Influencer Marketing Look Like in 2022?


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