A strong and transparent relationship with your customers can help you strengthen the trust factor resulting in better sales.

Merkle contributor Jill Hartling has shared six steps to building better marketing and IT relationship.

She says, “Although it can seem frustrating, there are steps that can be taken to help ensure that the product delivered meets stakeholder needs and avoids costly revisions.

Six Steps to Better Outcomes

1. Build your partnerships.

Relationships are important throughout an organization but are even more vital when it comes to the volley between marketing and IT. Get to know each department’s stakeholders and build those relationships. You are much more likely to be included in conversations and copied on emails if you are considered a trusted partner. Find common ground and establish a real rapport. You will be rewarded with access to more information, which is critical for success.

2. Gain executive alignment.

Ensure that the future state vision is aligned at the executive level. Leadership at that level will likely not be involved in the day-to-day but any project that requires integration across multiple teams will find greater success if the vision is shared and communicated from the top down.”

Six Steps to Build a Better Marketing and IT Relationship

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