In today’s busy schedules and competitive environment, it is difficult to get people to open and read your emails.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared some useful tips to help you write emails that get opened and read.

She says, “Tips one to eight come from Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer HBT Marketing, who gives her best advice for getting your emails noticed and believed. The last three tips (nine to 11) contain advice specific to emails newsletters and come courtesy of Dennis Shiao and Ashley Guttuso. Dennis, founder of Attention Retention, created and writes the weekly Content Corner newsletter. Ashley, director of marketing at Simple Focus Software, creates the Opt In Weekly email. She also organized Newsletter Fest and hosts Screen Share, an interview series with newsletter creators.

1. [Use brackets]

Using brackets or parentheses around a couple of words in your subject line boosts email open rates by 31% over subject lines that don’t use them, according to Worldata, analysis of thousands of email campaigns.

“People scan their inbox. They see lots of words and letters. (Brackets) stand out and people notice. They remember things that are different,” Nancy says.”

Fresh Ideas and Expert Advice for Writing Email That Gets Opened and Read

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