Epic course creation softwareThere are a lot of apps that will record you as you talk. There others that will record a slide show. Epic does more.

Although these videos can be used for many purposes, the creator, Mosh Bari, added features that are especially useful for video courses. His goal is that you develop passive income streams.

He says it’s easy to get started building these online courses using a method he calls “Borrowed Expertise”, (1) using publically available components to build videos, and (2)borrowing the expertise of affiliates to sell your products.

He says you can build helpful, expert-quality videos in short order, then load them onto an affiliate platform to get sales.

The results of building these videos:
➤ Creating long-term passive income streams that pay you over and over for work you only do one time
➤ Using other people’s time, traffic, and expertise to create and sell your courses in less than a day
➤ Building an army of affiliates excited to promote your products – even if you’re brand new to course creation
➤ Quickly launching on sites like JV Zoo and Warrior Plus without relying on paid traffic or your own email list

Find “Creative Commons” or “Public Domain” content and turn it into your own video course.

Then load it onto Udemy, JVZoo, ClickBank, or WarriorPlus where armies of affiliates are looking for products to promote.

Bari did just that when he created an $8.20 product (that he created over a weekend) that affiliates promoted and sold $22,865 in 7 days. (Your results may be different.)

And today, he’ll be sharing the exact steps he followed in Epic.

You can copy these same steps to create your own video courses and place your courses on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus in less than a day.

If you’re serious about getting paid again and again from work you only do one time, selling your online course is worth investigating.

If you can do a few simple Google searches and use the copy-and-paste function on your device, you have what it takes to use this Done-For-You “Instant Expert” Formula to start selling your first course in record time.

• text
• image
• video
• audio, both background and foreground (for example, a recorded presentation or testimonial).

It was designed to
In summary, Epic is cloud-hosted online course builder software that is easy for beginners and professionals to use because no prior skills or experience is required.

It comes with:
■ Done-for-you course materials
■ Done-for-you ebook bundle
■ Done-for-you content package
■ Over the shoulder training on how to make 4 to 5 figures a month profit from online courses

Normally, course creation takes research, planning, and knowledge on course creation, publishing, optimizing to get traffic and sales. Epic helps with all of this.

✓ Beginners can create online courses easily
​✓ Publish/Launch courses on Udemy, Skillshare, W+, JVZoo, or ClickBank and get traffic from affiliates, SEO, Social and organic traffic
​✓ Start earning passive income as people buy your courses

Get your membership here: Epic.

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