Analytics is a vital element that helps you foster the growth of your marketing campaigns. In 2022 too, you need to stay focused on marketing analytics for sales improvement.

Portent’s Michael Wiegand has shared six ways to prepare your digital analytics setup for 2022.

He says, “As the holiday season draws near, more clients and co-workers are taking some well-deserved breaks with friends and family. If you have some time to take a breath and look toward the future, you’ll want to use it to prepare your digital analytics practice for some of the inevitable changes looming next year.

1. Adopting Google Analytics 4

Back in October of 2020, Google launched the latest version of their much-relied-on analytics platform to mixed reviews. Do a quick search for “google analytics 4,” and you’ll find a “People Also Ask” section filled with things like:

  • Is Google Analytics 4 better than Universal Analytics?
  • Why does Google Analytics 4 suck?
  • Why do I need GA4?

The digital marketing industry is notoriously change-averse, and we heard a lot of the same protests when Universal Analytics launched.”

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