How would you like to approach any business with something that will instantly boost engagement and conversions on their website?

You can do it so easily with the new Video App, TalkingFaces.

• Imagine being able to take a real human spokesperson and overlay it on most any website as an instant “Greeter,” coercing website visitors to take action.
• Imagine being able to simply type what this REAL human will say.
• Imagine even being able to change what this REAL human looks like..
• And now imagine having the commercial rights to something this powerful.

It does all that, and it’s called TalkingFaces, and it just went live to the public Monday. It’s available at a massive discount, and it will forever change your approach to locking in new clients.

Here’s a real-life example on how you can use this new tool to make an instant impression on a local business (or any business) or even use it for your own business.
Just a hypothetical, let’s say your local flower shop has a website – this is what you do:
1. Create a talking spokesperson that welcomes site visitors, offers a discount on flowers, something relevant to the flower shop (remember you can make these real humans say anything)!
2. Then you grab the flower shop’s website URL and copy and paste it into the software.
3. Now they can see your talking, moving video spokesperson on their site.

You just gave your local flower shop a model spokesperson promoting their services, offers, welcoming site visitors, whatever they want – and it only took you 5 minutes or less. Think of the impact of that:

FIRST, you’re going to impress the owner of the flower shop with this attention-getting technology.
SECOND, they’re going to see firsthand how useful, and how powerful something like this can be to help engage and convert their website visitors INSTANTLY!
THIRD, you’re going to have a client, long-term when they see the power of what you can offer them.

It’s never been so easy!

That’s what you can do with TalkingFaces and it’s applicable to virtually every single business/service/organization out there.

It offers many actors to choose from, and you can even “re-face” the actors to get a different look if you’d like… It’s new-age technology you won’t find anywhere else and there’s so much more that will amaze you.

Again, it’s at a massive discount on the Commercial version of this spectacular video app, and it won’t last long. Check it out nowTalkingFaces.

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