Having a large subscriber base is a thing to be proud of, but the list has to be responsive. You have to keep cleaning your email list to get the best response from your email marketing campaigns.

HubSpot contributor Pamela Vaughan has shared five useful tips to clean up your email list.

She says, “Making sure your email lists are clean and targeting the right audience increases your ROI and decreases the chances of your marketing emails being flagged as spam. Cleaning up your email lists gives you a better chance to reach and engage your audience.

Every company is different so clean up can happen monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually but it should be done at least once a year.

1. Identify disengaged subscribers.

Before you scrub your list, you’ll want to identify whether a subscriber is truly inactive or simply disengaged. The former could mean you’ll need to remove them, while the latter might mean you still have a chance to win them over. A disengaged subscriber might just need some more targeted marketing to refresh their interest in your emails. After all, they did subscribe to your list at some point.”

How to Clean Up Your Email List With These 5 Tips

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