Link building helps you improve your website’s prospects of getting indexed into the search results. By acquiring quality links, you can continue to get more traffic as well.

Semrush contributor Michelle Ofiwe has shared eight link building strategies for marketers.

She says, “Backlinks operate like a qualified referral. If you earn a backlink from a website with authority, it can signal that your products, service, or website can be trusted.

Backlinks can increase your website’s page authority in the eyes of Google. The more qualified backlinks, the more trustworthy your website appears, and the more likely Google recommends your website for people to click through to.

What Impact Do Backlinks Have on Your SEO?

Improved Authority

As mentioned above, SEO backlinks can improve your website’s page authority, which can signal to Google that you’re a trustworthy source when it comes to your market or niche.”

8 Link Building Strategies You Need to Know


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