CB Superstar TrainingThere is an engineering principle saying that we must avoid a single point of failure. Don’t let the failure of one component of a plan destroy success. Always have an alternate component that can fill in. CB Superstar is the application of this principle to marketing.

Almost all online marketers are dependent on Paypal to collect their revenue for them and transfer the receipts to them. John Thornhill says we should all be spreading our business across as many different payment platforms as possible so that if Paypal freezes our account we can still do business online.

You probably have heard it multiple times; we have. Regularly, we hear of another marketer posting that his PayPal account has been frozen or even closed.

That’s a big advantage of selling, whether you are a product creator or an affiliate, on Clickbank: you don’t need a Paypal account.

Thornhill has created CB Superstar to show you how you can take advantage of the Clickbank platform’s advantages.

He isn’t advocating using nothing but Clickbank, necessarily, but you can use it to avoid a single point of failure. Face it, we all get comfortable selling on the platforms we’re used to, but we can diversify our marketing with this ste-=by-step course.

Check the page for more reasons why this is a fantastic idea: CB Superstar.

You know the familiar maxim, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It applies to online marketing as much as anything else.

Then, you can carry on as normal without missing a beat.

With John Thornhill’s CB Superstar, you too could follow along and see how simple, easy, and beneficial it is to add your products to ClickBank. And if you are an affiliate, it’s even easier.

Why Should a Product Owner Use ClickBank?

➤ A Long Established Company with a Huge Affiliate Network
➤ Weekly Payouts Like Clock-work
➤ All Taxes and Affiliate Payouts Taken Care of, saving you time
➤ No PayPal Hassles, Plus You Can Still Accept PayPal
➤ Trusted by Affiliates as They Know They Will Get Paid
➤ One Click Upsells, Coupon Codes, JV Contracts, Customer Hard Coding and More
➤ Custom Commissions Including The Ability to Pay 100% Commissions

All the features you need, but no risk to your PayPal, as you’re paid directly to your bank account without going through Paypal.
(and with their approval process – You know you’ll be legally compliant too!)

Right now, Thornhill is discounting the investment for this training by 35% for a limited time.

Take a look at what you are getting, here: CB Superstar.

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