A marketing campaign is an approach marketers use to promote their company’s products, services, or resources.

SEMrush has published ‘A Quick Start Guide to Effective Marketing Campaigns’ to help you design and execute rewarding marketing campaigns.

Victoria Liaonenka says “Think of the strategy component of your marketing campaign as a destination you’re wanting to reach. Before you can know how to get there you need to know where you’re going. It can also help to know why you’re wanting to get there and who’ll join you in your journey.

Applying this to a marketing campaign, your strategy should clearly identify:

  • Where you want to get to (objective)
  • Why you want to get there (purpose)
  • Who you want to connect with along the way (target audience)
  • Who will help you get there (team)
  • How much it’ll cost to get there (budget)”.

A Quick Start Guide to Effective Marketing Campaigns


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