When it comes to video content publishing, YouTube is the place. It helps you reach one of the widest video communities on the web.

Jeff Bullas has shared the top 10 Youtube optimization tips for beginners.

He says, “With a rise in the kind of content being published, the race for getting better rankings is becoming increasingly cutthroat. What used to be limited to just Google Search Results has trickled down into other platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and more.

#1. Search for the right keywords

Like any SEO optimization, YouTube needs the right keywords in the right places. So, if you already have a topic finalized, make sure to use the various keyword research tools to help you decide the right target keywords as per your audience’s interests. And if you are already well acquainted with your space, the right keywords you want to target are already in your mind.

#2. Use the correct keywords in your title

To make sure your video always shows up in search results, you have to use the right keywords in the video title. Ensuring that the title makes sense while using the target keyword is the best way to go. One way to rank better and higher is to use keywords with lower competition than some generic ones.”

YouTube Optimization 101: From Zero To Hero In No Time

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