Quality content helps you grow your website audience. By publishing useful articles, you can continue to get the return visitors improving your site rankings in the Google Search.

Semrush contributor Connor Lahey has shared five useful tips to write great articles.

He says, “We’ve compiled our top five tips for good SEO article writing, as well as our top recommended tools that can help you research and learn how to write an article.​​​

1. Use a Research Tool to Find Great Topics

The first step to learning how to write an article is deciding on a good topic. If your head is spinning trying to figure out what people want to read about in your niche, we’ve got a tool that can help. The Semrush Topic Research Tool is perfectly designed to help you brainstorm and organize your content ideas.

The Topic Research Tool outlines topics that resonate with your usual audience and identifies the most popular existing pieces from different websites and their trends on Google.”

5 Tips on How to Write an Article


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