YouTube is synonymous with video today. Video content is created with the sole objective of publishing it on YouTube. By taking care of the SEO elements, you can make the most from your video content.

Search Engine Journal contributor Sam Hollingsworth has shared some useful tips to escalate your YouTube SEO from basic to advanced.

He says, “Use these basic and advanced tips to help you and your content team succeed against other video publishers that aren’t taking advantage of the video optimization tactics.

1. Identify Target Keywords

Like optimizing a webpage for Google, optimizing a video for YouTube’s search results begins with keyword research.

By prioritizing this step of the YouTube SEO process you can ensure you’re creating and optimizing content people are actually looking for.

The first phase of keyword research starts on YouTube itself. There’s a goldmine of data within the search bar, as the autosuggestions reflect genuine user queries.”

YouTube SEO From Basic To Advanced: How To Optimize Your Videos

Search Engine Journal

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