Link building is an essential process to boost your SEO performance. Apart from publishing quality content,  you also need to adopt the right strategies that can help you secure more backlinks.

MOZ contributor Amanda Milligan has published an article highlighting some useful strategies to use surveys for securing more links.

She says, “I’m going to walk through how you can utilize surveys to add value to conversations and earn the interest of writers at top publications.

Step 1: Identifying the trends

Saying “trends” is honestly too broad, because a trend can last for hours, days, months, or even years. Obviously, the shorter the trend, the harder it’ll be to contribute in a timely fashion.

For the purpose of building links, I tend to ignore Google Trends, Twitter trends, and other rapidly changing interests, because you’ll need at least a handful of days to put a survey together, and there’s no guarantee the topic will still be popular by the time you’re done.

Instead, I look for trends that last in the range of months, as they accommodate longer-term conversations and give you the room to explore new angles and perspectives without racing against time”.

How to Use Surveys to Tap into Trending Conversations (and Build Links)


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