Getting more and more visitors to your website is a grave concern. By adopting right content publishing and SEO strategies, you can continue to receive quality traffic.

HubSpot contributor Michelle Jones has published an in-depth article answering the question ‘How Many Visitors Should Your Site Get?’.

She says, “To understand how many visitors your site should get, you will need to:

  • determine how many visitors are typical to websites in your industry
  • establish a goal based on the variables (industry, size, user experience) of the company
  • create a reasonable plan with actionable steps to execute a successful marketing strategy

How many visitors does a website typically get?

It depends. With the number of websites available on the web, it would be impossible to narrow this question down to one answer. Fortunately, there are tools and resources to help you make an educated guess.”

How Many Visitors Should Your Site Get?

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