Your social media marketing can be fostered with the help of quality content. When it comes to Instagram marketing, your image and video content need to polish.

Design Wizard’s Anne Carson has shared a guide to help you edit your Instagram posts after publishing them .

She says, “In this blog, we will take you through how to change your Instagram post, as well as how to edit Instagram photos to look even better! Knowing how to edit Instagram photos can make the world of difference to your engagement, and it’s not that complicated either.

1. How to Change Your Instagram Caption After Posting

Perhaps the number one question users have when it comes to Insta editing: can I go back in and change the caption once it’s been posted. This is largely in part because of misspellings and/or typos. Why wouldn’t you want to change if indeed there’s an error?  You want your followers to see perfection, right? The other reason for wanting to tweak the text is the poster’s remorse. Perhaps it was late at night, or maybe a heat of the moment situation…whatever the cause, you let your heart get the better of your head and now you regret what you posted, so much so that you most definitely want to go back in and change it”.

How to Edit an Instagram Post After You’ve Posted

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