Online search has become a skill today. With the right set of keywords and proper use of operators, you can find what you want easily on any search engine.

AARP contributor Marc Saltzman has shared eight tips to use Google and other search engines more efficiently.

He says,”With billions of web pages in cyberspace, you could waste a lot of time — or worse, money, should you get scammed — scouring for what you’re after and, in many cases, coming up empty.

1. Be specific with what you want

If broadly worded searches, such as “car classifieds,” yield too many results, try more specific words to find what you want: “used car classifieds,” Corvette classifieds,” “Chicago used cars” or used cars classifieds Chicago BMW.” Choose your words carefully to narrow down your search and to save you time, regardless of the search engine you are using.

2. Use + and 

Use a minus (-) sign to exclude words you don’t want searched. Doing so filters out stuff you don’t need. For example, type “pets -cats (without the quotation marks) if you’re looking to adopt an animal but have a feline allergy, or “best movies -horror” (without quote marks) to omit scary flicks from your search.”

8 Tips to Help You Use Google, Other Search Engines More Efficiently


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