There are several elements such as content, keywords, etc. that play an important role in ranking your website in Google.

It is important to know whether click-through rate (CTR) can also impact your website’s performance as a direct ranking factor.

Search Engine Journal’s Miranda Miller has published an article solving this query.

She says, “The Claim: Click-Through Rate (CTR) as a Ranking Factor

This one has been a hotly contested topic almost as long as we’ve practiced SEO.

In his 2002 paper Optimizing Search Engines using Clickthrough Data, Thorsten Joachims of Cornell argued that “a good information retrieval system should present relevant documents high in the ranking.” Click-through data from the search engine’s query log combined with the log of links clicked by users should be used in ranking, he said.

In the last five years, Larry Kim has argued for CTR as a ranking factor, and Eric Enge against it. AJ Kohn explained why he believes it’s a ranking signal; Dan Taylor took a deep dive into why he believes it is not.”

Click-Through Rate (CTR): Is It a Google Ranking Factor?

Search Engine Journal

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