Word count affects your readership as well as SEO performance. The length of your content determines the chances of getting higher rankings in Google Search.

Vertical Leap’s Kerry Dye has answered this important question – ‘What is the best word count for SEO?’ in her latest blog post.

She says, “In this article, we explain how word count really affects your search ranking and how you should approach content length in your SEO strategy.

Is word count a ranking factor?

No. Word count is not a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm and it wouldn’t make any sense to reward pages with higher word counts. Google spent years battling web spam, dodgy link building and low-quality content with algorithm updates, which would count for nothing if you could climb the SERPs by simply adding more words to a page.

If only SEO were that easy.

That said, word count not being a ranking factor itself doesn’t mean it isn’t important for SEO. In fact, word count has an indirect influence on a range of ranking factors and this is something you should consider with every piece of content you create.”

What is the best word count for SEO?

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